You would not know with what zeal conceive, with much joy all this face. Si canta, we laugh all day: and the work is getting better.
You live in the most familiar: all are equal, and no one forgets their status. You eat with appetite our kitchen, simple yet extraordinary, and good and healthy and composed of outstanding items.

J. J. Rousseau

        This is what we think of ourselves A’ Cucina Rà Casa Mia, because for us it is like cooking amare: or you abandon yourself completely or waiver. We invite you to sit at our table, to consult your intimate desires, to focus on quell'esclusivissimo sense that it is the taste. E i our dishes, created with fondness, should be eaten especially with love. Because the good food and good drinks are always those who love them. Then we invite you to sin of gluttony and enjoy in our little Paradise.

        The staff of A’ Cucina Rà Casa Mia:

        G. Cuomo | Head
        M. Rossi | Deputy Director
        A. Bianchi | Chef
        S. Verdi| Help Chef
        In. Esposito | Room