A Kitchen Ra My home is located in the popular district of Naples, chiamato “Quartieri Spagnoli”

Ogni quartiere ha un proprio nome, ma, quando si vuole indicare il quartiere “Montecalvario” di Napoli, è sufficiente dire “Districts”.

They date back to 1536, when it began the long Spanish rule in Naples.
The Spanish Quarter cover an area of 765.016 sq.m.. and they are between C. Vittorio Emanuele and Via Toledo.

The latter is named after its founder, the viceroy Don Pedro of Toledo, who decided the construction of the neighborhood towards 1536, in order to house his soldiers who were tasked to suppress any rebellion Neapolitan. Furthermore, in these buildings, They were also hosted direct Spanish troops on other fronts of war, who stopped off in Naples.
Don Pedro of Toledo took office in Naples in 1533 and those immediately began a series of interventions on the life and customs of the city. He wanted the construction of many roads to connect Naples with Abruzzo, Apulia and Rome and, for at that time there was a significant population growth, Viceroy provident adaptations required the city facilities.


A bit by chance, some passion… some by descent.

Born on 1 December 2013, gives Cuomo Giuseppe and family, we had to carry out this activity by chance or perhaps to force majeure.

A little after he had pursued the occupation for about tobacco seller 30 years.

Having in me a passion for cooking Napoletana I launched in this magnificent adventure which in time has appeared over a small success.
Cooking made from the heart and with methods the old fashioned way, handed on by my father Cuomo Nunzio founder of the popular restaurant Leon D'Oro, that today helps me with his experience to ensure that our business will become increasingly known.
The restaurant is located in one of the streets from which you can reach the Spanish quarters point of historical interest.